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Harry Potter: Traditions

Fanfiction Fest

Harry Potter Traditions Fic Fest
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This is the LJ Community for the Harry Potter: Traditions Fanfiction Fest.

Some important information:

This fest is based around the idea of tradition or ritual. This can be taken from anywhere - religion, mythology, culture, history, anywhere. Interested about the old pagan Samhain traditions? Love the idea of Lupercalia as practiced in the Harry Potter world? Well, this is probably a good place for you.

There are some things to note, though:

1. This fest accepts any form of pairing or non-pairing - slash, femmeslash, het and gen. All fics will be clearly marked with the characters and pairings as well as any warnings and placed under a cut. If you don't think you can read het but love femmeslash, you can still join up. You don't have to click on or write the pairings that don't interest you.

2. The rules for the 2009 fest are located here. Please read before you decide to sign up. Similarly, if you have any more questions the FAQ is here. If you have any other queries, feel free to comment to one of those posts, or email traditionsmods@gmail.com

3. We can't stress this enough - if you don't intend to/don't think you can write a fic that fits the guidelines, please don't sign up.

4. Important dates:

January 1 - Signups open.
January 31 - Signups close if maximum number isn't reached.
February 15 - Assignments sent out.
April 15 - Fics due.
May 1 - Posting starts.
May 31 - Posting finishes.