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Title: Feast of Fools
Author: ???
Gift For: dark_adrenalynn
Pairing(s): Katie Bell/Daphne Greengrass, Lisa Turpin/Michael Corner
Summary: Daphne gets Lisa to go to the Feast of Fools festival where Lisa finds out far more than she expected about her friend as well as herself.
Rating: R
Warnings: dub-con, brief breathplay, D/s, bondage, near exhibitionism.
Author's notes: I hope you enjoy! It rather ended up a checklist of things you wanted, though that hadn't been my intent! Many thanks to my last-minute beta who helped me immensely.

Mod note: You can also read this story on Insanejournal. Please leave feedback for our talented authors!

Lisa ground her teeth together after getting jostled for the tenth time in less than three minutes. Attending the Feast of Fools celebration near Inverness wasn't an event she'd normally consider. Still, Daphne had insisted on the company.

Rolling her eyes, she looked for her blonde friend wondering how it was a witch in a corset tight enough to require magic to breathe was able to disappear that quickly. So much for being here together. As her eyes scanned the crowd, she began to wonder if her friend had asked her to come simply so that she'd be able to say they'd come together. Lisa was very much sure she didn't want to indulge in satisfying her curiosity as to who it was Daphne was hiding from her parents.

"What's a pretty girl like you doing here alone?" a tenor asked in her ear.

Lisa jumped, spinning around. The rustle of her petticoats was lost in the cacophony. Her eyes met with a chest covered in silk and velvet. As she moved her gaze upward, the definition of the covered chest was noted, as well as the shoulders that were broad but not oafishly so. The face was covered with a glittering mask of green and silver.

"I'm not here alone," she countered, thinking she might have caught a glimpse of Daphne, as she looked past him.

"Ahh, any wizard who would leave you to your own devices on this day is more a fool than I," he chuckled.

"I'm not here with a wizard, I'm here with a friend." Belatedly, Lisa realized it might not have been the best thing to admit to someone whose face she couldn't see. Though she felt she shouldn't be worried. She had her wand on her, and she was a pretty quick draw.

"You mean the one over there?" he asked, moving to he side and directing her gaze to several meters from where they stood. Daphne was shyly flirting and dancing with a tall lithe wizard with long brown hair. "Seems she's found someone to occupy her."

Lisa nodded, frowning and making a note to ask Daphne about him later. At least she could have warned her she'd be abandoning her for some tryst. However, no matter how hard she stared, she couldn't see beyond the harlequin mask to the facial features beneath.

"Dance with me," he commanded, sending shivers down Lisa's spine. When she didn't immediately take him up on the offer, he chuckled, "Enjoy yourself, Miss--?"

Part of her remembered the timber of his voice, calling up memories of school, but she couldn't place it. Instead of answering, she reached up to take his mask off.

He shook his head and took her wrist in his hand, moving it down and turning her so that she was facing Daphne again. Pressing her against his chest, his breath tickled her ear. "Look at her. Have you ever seen her so happy?" Lisa shook her head, hating her reaction to his voice.

Daphne indeed looked happy, her entire demeanor relaxed and pressing against the wizard. He moved against her, his hands possessively touching silk in a way that should be forbidden in public.

"Has any wizard ever made you feel like that?" Again, Lisa answered in the negative. "Let me show you," came the seductive plea as his hand moved up her arm to trace around her neckline.

Feeling reckless, and more than slightly jealous of her friend, Lisa nodded. Part of her screamed that the magic of the night was dulling her senses, the rest simply didn't care.

"Splendid. We'll need to get you something a bit more appropriate to wear though." He accented the statement with an open palm splaying across her stomach.

"Why's that? What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

"It's the feast of fools, and you are far too conservatively dressed."

"But my friend--"

"Is dressed according to her companion, and very much in," he paused very briefly, "accordance with his tastes, I'm sure."

"And I'm to let you dress me then?" she countered, tensing in his arms.

"I promise you, nothing will happen to you tonight that you will not enjoy."

She laughed, "And how am I to believe you? After all, today isn't precisely a day to inspire trust."

"Perhaps, but then again, if you weren't here to enjoy the festivities, why did you come?"

He had her there. It wasn't as if she hadn't taken precautions. There were magics Daphne had insisted they perform before coming. Spells that were designed to protect her from true and lasting harm. None of them were sparking to life yet, but she paused longer, staring at Daphne who was leaning against the wizard now whispering in her ear.

"Let the magic of today blanket you. Today, just for today, live as though the rules were reversed. Surely you wouldn't insult the day by insisting everything be blunt and obvious?"

Lisa decided then and there to trust the protective spells she'd cast on herself earlier, even if she didn't trust anything else. "Do I get to know who you are?"

"When the sun comes up tomorrow, that is, if you still want to know. Until then, I am your Endymion and you are," he paused then chuckled, "My Galatea." Lisa smiled at the reference, deciding he must truly be a wizard of culture and flattery. Nodding, she moved with him, allowing him to escort her by the small of her back.

He led her to a booth at the edge of the market area that was filled with colourful silks and velvets. "I can't allow you to pay for me," she began, but stopped when his finger touched her lips.

"I'd pretend to be poor," he whispered, "but what's the fun in that? Consider this my treat for the presence of your company."

He wasn't poor. The confirmation rang through her body as surely as if he'd just admitted to the pure-blood status that had to be present if he dared wear Slytherin colours even here.
"Besides, this way if something gets ruined in our revelry, you won't have to feel bad," he chuckled.

Lisa turned to argue with him only for him to point to a curtain. She glanced at him skeptically before stepping into a very large dressing area. She stepped up to the three-way mirror and stared at herself. Her brown hair had been done half-up in a bun, leaving the rest to cascade down her back in soft waves. The dress Daphne had helped her pick out wasn't unflattering. It was simply not as suggestive as the dress Daphne was wearing. Then again, Daphne'd known she had someone waiting and that Lisa didn't.

Movement behind her in the mirror caused her to look away from her own reflection to see the masked wizard approach her. His hair was also brown, she noticed, though his was more a dark chestnut. She watched him through the glass as he set a pile of fabric on one of the armchairs she hadn't noticed in her first glance across the room. In fact, she wasn't entirely certain the chair had been there at all prior to her entrance.

He stepped up behind her, "Galatea, you look nervous." The use of her alias, rather the one he provided for her, calmed her.

"I'm fine," she offered softly, her eyes closing as his hands touched her wrists and moved upward.
"Good," he whispered, his hands moving over her back and shoulders as he murmured in a language she couldn't catch, though the meaning was clear when she felt her clothes melt away, leaving only a short chemise that barely covered her. Gasping sharply, she pulled away from him, grabbing for her wand that wasn't where it belonged. He pulled her back to him, gripping her arms and twisting them behind her. "Stop squirming, Galatea. You want this. If you didn't, I would have been hexed already."

Lisa froze, staring at the mirror and their joint reflection. He should have been hexed. She trusted her magic, and even if she hadn't, she'd tested the spell before she would set foot on the grounds. Which meant he was right.

"No," she whispered, but didn't struggle against him as he raised her arms above her head. She stared at the reflection in rapt horror as the chemise rose to almost obscene levels.

He waved his wand and a black corset embroidered with silver and gold filigree levitated to them and down over her arms. He began to tighten the corset, setting it just until it was snug before helping her into the pool of purple, green and silver velvet that seemed to blend her own mask of purple and blue into a complimentary outfit to his silver and green.

"See?" he asked, his fingers tracing down her bodice over the corset and over to where her hip flared out from underneath it. "Much better, wouldn't you say?"

She had to agree. Not only was her mind muddled from the extremely sensual act of his dressing her with such care, it was patently true. While she'd looked nice before, now her figure was accented and aided by corset stays and the careful tailoring only magic could provide.

He chuckled, and she watched herself shiver as he moved his hand around to the front, pressing an open palm against the lowest point of the corset, teasing and threatening in one hopeful second before she gasped and the corset tightened slightly. He caught her as she stumbled. "It will do that over the course of the evening, slowly, and never too tight. I believe your friend has one of these. They are the most popular in all of wizarding Britain."

She nodded quietly. Daphne had shown her the corset once before, telling her how much she loved to wear it, how it never needed adjustment. She ran her hands over the front, feeling the corset's telltale vertical support under the velvet.

"Now, shall we will enjoy the festivities?" Lisa nodded, accepting his arm and expecting him to lead her from the tent.

"What of the shopkeeper? Don't you have to pay for--".

"Taken care of," was all he said as he pulled her to him and pressed against her, his hands on her hips.

She closed her eyes briefly, inhaling the scent of him, a faint smell reminiscent of old books which she found odd, but comforting. As he began to sway, she moved with him, her hands going up behind her to pull his head down lower until his lips were on her shoulder.

"Isn't anonymity wonderful?" he asked gently. "It allows us to be ourselves in ways we never could otherwise."

"I've never felt like this," she admitted.

"This is just the beginning. Before tonight is over, you'll see things about yourself you never dared dream." The promise in his voice caused her to shiver and lean into him harder for fear she'd stumble again.

Instead, she tried to focus on getting back to the crowd, the safety of too many people around. "I have to get back to my friend," she tried. "To check on her."

He shook his head against her neck, "No, you don't. She's in good hands."

"How do you know?" she asked, the haze broken in the momentary alarm that perhaps he knew the wizard in question.

He paused, obviously having been ready to answer with one thing before changing from whatever it was. "I will indulge your concern, Galatea, but before we leave this tent there is something I feel obligated to tell you."

She pulled away from him, or rather tried, his grip on her far too strong for her to break.
"I haven't taught you how to take off the corset yet, and it has a different spell from the one your friend wears."

Lisa froze, staring ahead and going through potential solutions in her mind. "There are ways," she ground out, not entirely sure any of the five options she'd already come up with would work.

"You're welcome to try, but only one will work, and there's only one way to get the answer. I have to give it to you." He paused only momentarily. "You will not tell me no tonight. You will not deny me anything, even if you don't think you can handle it."

"That's rape!" she exclaimed. His hands were over her mouth and throat in a fraction of a breath, breath she was desperately attempting to draw now.

"It isn't rape. You have protective magic on you. I can feel it, so don't deny it. You are not to deny me, but it can. Now, do we have an agreement?" The gentleness of his voice hadn't changed, creating a stark contrast between the harshness of his command. She tried a moment longer to breathe as she pulled with everything she was at his hand before nodding.

He released her mouth then, but not her throat as he allowed her to breathe, his fingers pulsing lightly against her skin. She leaned against him, convincing herself with marginal success that it was simply because she was lightheaded and hadn't wanted to fall.

"Good girl," he said, "Yes, I think you'll learn far more about yourself tonight than you ever dreamed."

"My friend," she whispered, a soft plea as her mind tried to fight dissecting his insinuations.

He chuckled and moved his hand down between her breasts, "Yes, your friend. I believe I know where she may be." Lisa inhaled sharply as the corset tightened again. He moved his hand up, then allowed one finger to dip inside her dress to caress the soft flesh hidden beneath. She held herself taut, wanting to pull away but knowing full well this was merely a test. Confirming her suspicion, he nodded, withdrawing his hand and offering her his arm.

"Your friend is likely in the royals camp," he offered as he maneuvered her through the crowd.
Lisa paused, shaking her head. He paused and looked at her, tilting his head slightly. "That can't be right."

"And why is that? I assure you that he is not only a regular in that camp, but quite often its ambassador to the festival general committee."

She shook her head again, pulling away slightly, trying to get some air between her and this information. Daphne was involved with someone not of pure-blood? Worse, someone who mocked the pure-blood mentality openly? The royals camp had a reputation that far outstretched the festival, a group of muggleborns and half-bloods who mocked pure-blood society every year at the feast of fools, and while there were many who would love nothing more than to know the identity of those involved, they were protected by the magic that surrounded such festivals.


He shook his head. "We are going to that camp." The tone of his voice was hard velvet as he pulled her closer to him and continued onward.

As they moved away from the crowd and toward a large campfire surrounded by tents, she glanced back with longing at the safety of the main party. Her attention abruptly returned to the present, however, as she walked through invisible ice.

"What was that?" she whispered, her hands holding to him more tightly.

"That," he chuckled, "my pure-blood Galatea, was a blood status charm. I would not suggest trying to cross it again without me."

Realization washed over her. She yanked away from him bodily. "Blood status? Blood status ward? You're--"

"A half-blood? Yes. And so long as you are with me, you are under my protection here. I'd recommend not giving me reason to revoke it."

She took a shuddering breath as she stepped toward him, closing her eyes tightly against his touch and being perversely pleased with herself that she didn't jump when he began whispering again.

"Your proper identity is still safe. Now, take my arm again and we're going to find your friend."

She nodded, accepting his arm, though not as eagerly as a few moments earlier. It wasn't that she didn't have half-blood friends. It was that she'd agreed, had been tricked into agreeing, to let this half-blood do anything the protective charms would let him do. At least as of the sunrise, she'd be free and completely able to forget him.

"See, there she is."

Lisa looked up, raising her eyes to see the wizard sitting on a makeshift throne with Daphne kneeling at his feet. She was resting her cheek on his knee as he stroked her hair absently.

Endymion withdrew his arm and placed it around her waist, guiding her. "He has been made our King of Fools this year."

"Our?" she asked before she could school her tongue not to betray her.

"Yes," he stroked her cheek again, allowing his hand to move down in a serpentine fashion to the low end of her corset, "Our. We all have our secrets, Galatea."

She backed into the hand at her waist as he teased a finger briefly along the lower edge of her corset. "No, please."

He chuckled, "Not into exhibitionism?" She shook her head quickly, looking anywhere but at him.
"You know you're not supposed to deny me."

"I was merely requesting," she countered, her voice shaking.

"Ah, requesting."

Lisa nodded, trying to calm herself. Her heart was racing, forcing her breath into unsteady rhythms.

"Well, now that we've established your friend is quite safe, I intend to take full advantage of tonight." He pulled her closer, walking past Daphne and the wizard on the throne. The two wizards nodded to each other before Endymion took a sharp right toward a large tent. Daphne smiled and waved slightly at her as they passed.

Once in the tent, Endymion ran his hands over her shoulders, whispering in the same language she'd heard before. This time, the chemise and corset remained. Lisa shook her head softly, not surprised as he ignored her.

"We have an agreement, do we not? You do not get to tell me no, and I will ensure you feel far more than you ever imagined."

She held still, not trusting herself to speak or move lest she break the agreement. There was not only the corset to deal with but also the royals camp in general. She couldn't afford to lose his protection here.

And so, when he pulled her hands behind her, she didn't fight. Though she prayed and cursed the magic when he was able to bind her hands.

He chuckled low, his hands now caressing her freely. "My my, we are full of surprises, aren't we?"

"Please, don't do this to me," she whispered softly, her whole body shaking.

"I'm not going to rape you," he responded holding her against him and dipping his free hand down between her legs. She clamped her legs tighter together. "Spread your legs," he commanded.

Taking a shuddering breath, she obeyed, then nearly collapsed as he slipped his finger past her underwear to begin stroking her. Her bound hands flexed reflexively, trying to grasp for purchase as her knees went weak.

"Admit it. Admit no pure-blood wizard has ever made you feel like this."

Her mind reeled. How could he have known? She knew she'd never been this wet, this needy. Her body screamed for more, begged for her do whatever it took to get him to continue. It seemed he knew her body intimately, but then the blue eyes behind the mask taunted her. She'd never dated anyone with blue eyes, they reminded her too much of something she'd rather forget. Someone she'd rather forget. Though just the thought of his smile sent her higher into ecstasy.

She began to open her mouth, her breathing getting louder as she tried to answer. Whether she was going to tell him the truth, she wasn't sure yet.

"Tell me. Admit it. I want to hear you admit that you've never felt this free, this consumed by sensation." His finger stroked over her clit once more before going still.

She whimpered, moving against him. "No one." She tried to move against him, the corset tightening further, making her breathing even more shallow. "Only you."

He smiled against her neck, pulling her closer and beginning his ministrations again. She whimpered louder, moving against him, eyes shut tight against the knowledge that this nameless half-blood had spoken the truth.

"Galatea, Galatea," he chuckled, pausing in his movements.

"Please, don't stop," she whimpered.

"Ahh, that's a good girl. Beg harder."

She couldn't say that her dignity had been forgotten. It made itself known in the tears that fell down her cheeks as she moved against his still hand. "Please, please, oh for the love of Merlin, please!"

When his hand began moving again, her breath stopped. She imagined it was Michael, whisking her away for a forbidden tryst. She allowed herself to wonder what his tainted hands would do to her and barely managed to not scream his name. Her legs tightened in their spread stance before her vision went white. She screamed and spasmed against him, collapsing into his arms as he lowered them both to the ground.

Once there, she began sobbing and shaking, trying to curl into herself. How could anyone compare to this? How was she supposed to be a good pure-blood wife after this? For the first time, she understood perhaps what had brought Daphne to this. She felt her hands released from their bonds and pulled them to her chest.

"Shh, it's all right," he was whispering. How could he be so gentle? She pulled away from him, distantly surprised when he let her.

A few moments later, soft feminine hands were on her shoulders. Lisa tried to pull away, closing herself off more.

"Lisa," Daphne whispered. "Lisa, I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

Lisa opened her eyes, staring at the green-eyed blond. "Why?" was the only question that made it to her lips.

"Because I'm in love. Because he needed someone, and I knew you'd never look at him otherwise."
She shook her head, "No, why are you with him?" she asked before her mind caught up with the other statement. "Wait, you tricked me? You, you knew?"

Daphne sighed, taking off her mask and shaking her head. "I was," she paused briefly, "asked to bring someone who might work out for Michael. And making her happy is very important to me."

"Her? Daph, I can't catch up fast enough." The Ravenclaw mind turning on and pushing back her emotional response.

Daphne sighed. "Oh I'll get it for this," she mumbled. "Her. Katie. The wizard out there? It's Katie, not that I knew that my first time, but I'll tell you that story later. At any rate, yes, I knew. Yes, I--"

Lisa looked up to see her friend staring at the entrance to the tent where Endymion and the King of Fools were standing.

"Sharing secrets, are we, little one?" the King asked in a smooth contralto.

"I hadn't realized they were secrets until it was too late, Master," Daphne responded.

Katie took off her mask and the full effect of her drag king attire was evident. "It's all right. Now that she knows, she knows." Katie crooked her finger, and Daphne began to crawl toward her. The brunette shook her head. "No, love, not at the moment. Just come here." Daphne nodded and rose up, striding smoothly to her and placing her cheek against the other witch's chest.

Lisa scooted away from the group, freezing in place as she watched Endymion approach her, removing his own mask. She stared with frightened eyes into the same blue that had haunted her dreams for a year while in school. Michael Corner. Half-blood. Off- limits. The Michael she'd been fantasizing about; the one who had just made that fantasy come true.

She was so stupid. Galatea. Endymion. The blatant use of Slytherin colours was another disguise. He was her intellectual equal. Her equal in all things save blood status.

"Lisa," he whispered, kneeling next to her.

She recoiled, "Did you know it was me all along?"

He nodded, "Yes."

She struck him, sobbing. "This is not a game!"

"No, it's not. It's real."

"It can't be real!"

He shook his head and pulled her into his embrace, the corset easing as he did so. "It can be. It just makes things complicated."
Tags: 2009, katie/daphne, lisa/michael, r

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