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Title: The Spoils of War
Author: ???
Gift For: midnight_birth
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco
Summary: When Draco angers Harry, Potter decides to teach the Slytherin a lesson he won’t be soon forgetting.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slash, light BDSM, semi-con, underage participants (under 18)
Author's notes: I tried to incorporate as many of midnight_birth’s requests… and threw in a few of my own. Hope you like it.. The setting is post-Voldemort, Hogwarts/Seventh Year

Mod note: You can also read this story on Insanejournal. Please leave feedback for our talented authors!

Harry stormed through the shared common room, so angry that the rest of the Golden Trio was giving him a wide berth. The seventh-years had only been back at Hogwarts for a month, and already Malfoy was causing trouble.

He wished he could say that he was surprised, but Harry wasn’t. Even when most of the Slytherins had followed Draco Malfoy over to the Light Side, they had remained cocky and unbowed. Instead of behaving meekly, they continued to provoke the Gryffindors and the other house students.

Now that they were back in school after Voldemort’s demise, the returning seventh-years who had elected to finish their last year had been given their own common room and dorm.

Draco trailed in Harry’s wake, trying to stay away from the enraged Savior. Even at a distance, he could feel Potter’s wild magic swirling around the room like a brewing storm. He understood why Potter was angry, but it wasn’t his fault that The Daily Prophet had published an article screaming – The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Be-Gay. Fine, Draco knew that it looked bad for him since he was one of the few that had discovered Potter’s secret. But still, it hadn’t leaked the story to Rita Skeeter.

Turning around, Harry walked right up to Malfoy, and didn’t stop until he had driven the blond wizard against the nearest wall. Inches away from Malfoy’s face, Harry berated him, his voice deceptively low.

“Did I not ask you to keep it to yourself?” Harry asked, his voice vibrating with anger. “Did you not promise me you would?”

This close, Draco was able to pick out the woodsy smell that seem to cling to Harry. Blushing, Draco shrank back against the wall, hoping to buy himself an extra inch of space away from the angry wizard. “Potter, I didn’t-”

“Don’t expect me to believe your lies now, Malfoy,” Harry growled, his magical energy leaking through his shields. He’d known it would be nearly impossible to stop others from finding out about his orientation sooner or later, but he had hoped to be out of school and out of the media’s glare before the news broke.

Anger made Potter’s green eyes sparkled, and Draco almost whimpered at the sight. Those eyes would be so hot if they weren’t shooting daggers at him.

“But, Potter, I didn’t-”

“You still don’t get it, do you, Malfoy?!” Harry was close to shouting, his voice rising with each syllable. Noticing that random items in the room were flying about in a swirling pattern, Harry closed his eyes and tried to center himself before he started shattering glass. “You promised to keep what you had learned a secret, and then, you sold me out to Rita Skeeter like our fourth year.”

Draco really wished Potter would let him explain. “Listen, Potter, I didn’t-”

Harry just glared at Malfoy. His blond rival had learned nothing in the last year. Malfoy still did whatever the hell he wanted, whenever the mood struck him. After a few seconds, a mantle of calm settled around Potter.

“Somebody needs to teach you a little respect, Malfoy.” Wrapping his hand around Malfoy’s throat, Harry placed his mouth next Malfoy’s ear and hissed, “Come to my rooms tonight at eight o’clock. And don’t make me wait or you’ll wish you had never come back to Hogwarts.”

Walking back to the sofa, Harry grabbed his book bag and headed to his private rooms.

Even with Potter gone from the room, his magical energy still crackled in the atmosphere. Draco remembered the night that Potter had confronted the Dark Lord outside on the Hogwarts grounds. The Slytherins had been stunned to see how easily an enraged Potter had gathered and focused his energy and destroyed the Dark Lord.

Draco took a deep breath and peeled himself off the wall he’d been holding up. Now that the tempest had past, his heart started beating again. His breathing was still erratic, but at least he wasn’t blacking out ... yet.

Looking around the common room, Draco noticed that he was alone. The rest of the seventh-years must still be hiding from Potter. Bloody Hell, somebody should have warned him that Potter got so... forceful when he lost his temper.

Merlin, Draco thought, wondering what Potter had in store for him. Whatever it was, it promised to be unpleasant.


Draco walked down the long, dark corridor, hands sweaty, a small shiver racing up his spine. He’d been tempted to arrive late or not at all, but he could still remember Potter’s magic running amok in the common room.

When Dumbledore had visited Malfoy Manor to invite Draco back for his last year, he’d been warned that it came with a caveat – house unity and no more pure-blood bigotry. Draco had scoffed at the warned. His whole family had crossed over to the Light Side even before it had become expedient. That should have counted for something with the Headmaster.

Still, he’d only been back a few weeks and already he had seriously pissed off Saint Potter. So much for his goal of staying on the Savior’s good side this year, he snorted.

Reluctantly, he raised his hand and knocked on the door, his heart pounding at what awaited him on the other side.

One eyebrow raised sardonically, Harry opened the door and stepped back to allow the blond to enter.

Draco sidestepped, trying not to touch Potter. However, as soon as the Gryffindor had closed the door, a firm hand gripped the back of Draco’s neck and pushed him into the wall. Draco was not hurt, just surprised. He’d really expected Potter to rip into him and give him the lecture of his life... but if the other wizard was getting physical this early in the night...

Oh, Merlin, Draco thought, shuddering.

“Ahh, Potter. What are you doing?” he asked, his voice muffled against the wall.

Pressing his body fully against Malfoy’s, Harry tightened his grip on the blond’s neck. “I will no longer accept disrespect and disloyalties from those around me, Malfoy. When you switched sides, you assured me that you would never betray me.”

Trembling, Draco could feel Potter’s mouth right on his ear. Draco didn’t know whether he was reacting to the Gryffindor’s body or the white-hot magical energy that enveloped him.

“I warned you when I forgave you, but apparently, you did not take me seriously.” Running his fingers through Malfloy’s silky soft hair, he suddenly pulled the blond’s head back. “I am going to make sure you understand the consequences of breaking your word,” he growled.

Turning Draco away from the wall, Harry pushed him forward even as he kept a firm hand on the blond’s nape and arm. Leading him to the four-poster bed that dominated the room, Harry didn’t stop until he had Draco pinned at the foot of the bed. Pulling a leather cuff from one of the four posters, Harry tied it around one of Draco’s wrists and secured it. He could have used magic for this, but Harry found that he enjoyed the struggle and fight for dominance.

Realizing that Potter was tying him up, Draco jerked his free hand away. He tried to turn, but Potter had him pinned against the bed. “Potter, what are you doing?” he panted, sounding anxious. “I get that you’re still angry with me from this afternoon, but aren’t you taking this too far?” Draco asked, moving his free hand away from Potter.

“Give me your hand, Malfoy,” Harry demanded with a low hiss. “Don’t make me hurt you more than I have to.” Feeling the blond tremble against him, Harry smiled inwardly. He’d only ever played this game with the Weasely twins, and even then, they’d had rules.

But with Malfoy, he didn’t have to hold back. After all, the Slytherin had acted against him first – something that Harry could punish and few would intercede on the blond’s behalf. It had really rankled Harry when he’d been told to play nice with the Slytherins just because they’d switched over to their side. Dumbledore expected them all to forget the past and get along, but Harry knew that it was in the Slytherins’ natures to return to their old trick given enough time.

Now that he had the perfect excuse, he was going to take advantage of the golden opportunity Malfoy had handed to him. It didn’t hurt that he’d spent many a nights fantasizing about his blond rival.

“Give me your hand, Malfoy,” Harry repeated.

When Malfoy shook his head, Harry pinned the blond against the bed with his lower body, but raised his hand to the other wizard’s hair. He pulled Malfoy’s head back slowly until the blond’s neck was angled to the side. Leaning in, Harry gently bit the soft skin below the earlobe.

Draco grunted and shuddered at the feel of Potter’s hot mouth and sharp teeth on his skin. In the back of his mind, Draco couldn’t believe this was happening. When he’d switched to the Light Side, he’d thought he’d be safe amongst the Gryffindorks and Saint Potter. He would never have imagined he’d find himself in the position of... Unable to resist, Draco rubbed his arse back against Potter’s hard cock.

As Potter continued to suck and bite his neck and shoulder, Draco whimpered - low, unbidden moans escaping his lips. Lost in the maelstrom, Draco barely felt it when Potter encircled one wrist in his hand and then the other. Before he knew what was happening, Potter had finished tying both of his hands to the bed frame.

Bloody Hell.

Draco shaking his head to clear it up; he really needed to keep his wits about him. “What are you going to do to me?” Draco asked, a little more alarmed now than he had been ten minutes ago.

In a wizard’s duel, Draco knew he had a good chance against anyone – well, maybe not the Savior of the Wizarding World, but anyone else… However, all tied up and without access to his wand… his chances were nonexistent.

“I’m going to remind you who you owe your life and loyalty to,” Harry growled, angry but still in control, “so the next time you are tempted to go against me, you’ll remember what happens to bad, little wizards that disobey me.”

Twisting his hands against the leather cuffs, Draco tried again. “Potter... Harry... please. I didn’t betray you. I’ve thought-”

“Oh, I know exactly what you thought... and I’m going to make sure it doesn’t occur to you again.” Harry set about ripping Malfoy’s robe and shirt off, throwing the pieces over his shoulder.

Shocked, Draco stared at the wall ahead of him, the determined look on Potter’s face making him nervous. Shivering in the cold room, Draco let the scent of Potter fill his lungs. He jumped when the other wizard’s hands reached for his trouser button.

Even as Potter got rid of his clothes in short order, Draco couldn’t believe that Potter would hurt him... The other wizard was probably just trying to scare him... Merlin, just how did he get himself into these situations – especially when he’d promised Dumbledore he’d behave?

Draco tried to focus; there were things he needed to say, but his mind drew a blank. Completely nude and exposed, Draco tried to shift his lower body away from Potter, who was standing a bit too close for comfort.

When he felt Potter’s hands run up and down his back, Draco shivered, twisting his wrists as he tried to get out of the cuffs.

“Do you understand what you did wrong, Malfoy?” Harry asked softly.

Shaking his head to clear it, Draco began, “But, Potter, if you would only let me expl-”

“Wrong answer.” The flogger in Potter’s hand descended, landing on the fleshy part of Draco’s buttocks.

“Ow! What was that for?” Draco yelped. Again, the flogger landed on Draco’s other arse cheek. “Stop that, Potter,” Draco cried out. The flogger stung more than hurt, but Draco didn’t want this little exercise getting out of hand.

“What did you do wrong, Draco?” Harry repeated, rubbing a hand over Malfoy’s reddening arse cheeks, his fingers edging awfully close to the crease.

Draco shivered, ashamed that his body was responding to Potter’s manhandling.

“No snide comment or witty remark?” Harry said, evilly. “Good. It gives me more time to work on you.” Leaning down, Harry tied each of Draco’s ankles to the bed frame, forcing the blond to spread his legs.

Struggling against his restraints, Draco was sweating and cursing. “Potter, let me go. You can’t do this to me.” Draco’s anxiety level was through the roof. “You are not my keeper.”

“We’ll just see about that,” Harry growled, as he walked back the desk stacked with books and scrolls. “You’d be amazed at what Dumbledore’s Pet can and can not do.” Stepping in behind Draco, he allowed a slick finger to trace up and down Draco’s buttocks, tunneling his finger in deeper with each pass. “Isn’t that what the Slytherins call me?”

Draco shuddered at the threat of Potter’s finger so close to his entrance. Subtly, he moved his hips forward, trying to escape Potter’s fingers.

“Stop moving, Malfoy, and take your punishment like a wizard,” Harry’s voice was harsh.

Draco shook his head. “You must be joking? I won’t just stand here and let you... uhh,” Draco’s voice ended in a squeak when Potter’s fingers breached his opening, advancing just past the tight ring of muscles.

“Merlin,” Draco moaned, involuntarily clenching his arse around Potter’s finger. “Please... uhh… don’t… uhh… Harry,” he moaned, eyes closed, face flushed.

“What was that, Malfoy?” Harry asked evilly. He kept sliding his fingers in and out of Malfoy’s tight, hot entrance. Harry didn’t give his rival a chance to catch his breath, let alone find his voice.

As he thrusted into Malfoy’s ass, Harry made sure that his fingers didn’t give the blond satisfaction. Harry wanted to teach Malfoy a lesson in fearing Potter, not get him off.

Adding a third finger, Harry heard Malfoy gasp and tighten around his fingers. Harry listened to the breathless moans and whimpers. When Malfoy’s head fell back, eyes closed and biting his lip, Harry smiled. Malfoy was in for a rude awakening if he thought this was the extent of his punishment.

Withdrawing his fingers suddenly, Harry watched as Malfoy sagged against the restraints. Harry walked back to the desk and picked up a black, leather cock ring. Reaching around Malfoy’s hips, Harry wrapped the leather band around Malfoy’s cock and balls, effectively cutting off the other wizard’s opportunity for a quick release.

When Potter grabbed his cock, Draco whimpered and thrusted into the other wizard’s hand. However, the snap of the cock ring and the pressure on his cock left Draco looking down and whining as he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.

Taking off his own shirt, Harry returned to Malfoy and massaged his shoulders lightly. Smiling at the blond’s misery, Harry ran his hands over the smooth, sleek back. Closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, Harry took Malfoy’s scent into his lungs. Mmmm. His rival smelled hot, musky and all male – just how Harry liked it…

Retuning to the desk, he picked up a dildo in one hand and a plug in the other. After careful consideration, he put one down and slicked up the other one. Smiling, it occurred to him that he would need to thank the twins for keeping him properly stocked.

Pressing up against Malfoy’s body, Harry let his naked chest rub against the blond’s hot, sweaty back.

Hissing at the feel of Potter’s naked skin pressed against his, Draco took a deep breath, his cock full and throbbing. With effort, Draco bit back a moan and stood up straight even though his legs felt weak. Potter seemed to think that this was some sort of punishment or rite of passage that Draco had to endure. Well, he wasn’t going to make this easy on the other wizard.

A minute later, Draco was quickly rethinking his strategy when he felt Potter’s hand part his buttocks. Pulling forward as far as his restraints allowed, Draco clenched his buttocks together, hoping that would slow Potter down.

Sighing noisily, Harry barked, “The more you resist, the longer your punishment will be.” Harry ran a fingernail down Malfoy’s spine, causing the blond to shiver and curse. “As soon as I’m convinced that you’ve learned your lesson, I will release you.”

“Yeah, right,” Draco scoffed. “Take the punishment... It’s for your own good... Where have I heard that before?”

Malfoy was turning out to be a little tougher to crack, Harry thought, as he walked back to the desk to look over his toys. In spite of his anger with the blond, Harry was impressed at his resilience. Even as he had anticipated Malfoy’s arrival, he would have bet Galleons that the Slytherin would cry and beg when Harry tied him up and stripped him. Putting down his favorite toy, Harry came back to Malfoy with a blindfold.

When Draco saw the black cloth come over his head, he leant forward, trying to evade it. “Potter,” he yelled. “What are you doing? This is not right. You’re blowing this out of proportion.”

Coming from the side to avoid the blond’s thrashing, Harry managed to get the cloth secured around Malfoy’s eyes. Taking another leather strap from the desk, Harry wrapped it around Malfoy’s hips and anchored it to the bed frame. With a little planning, his bed had turned into a handy punishment rack.

Completely in the dark, Draco felt a chill on the back of his neck. He tried shifting around, but nothing budged. With the exception of his head, Potter had completely immobilized him.

“Potter... you don’t have to do this,” Draco persisted. “Just tell me what I need to say and I’ll say it.”

“Now you’re just being a bad little wizard, Malfoy,” Harry mocked. “Telling me what I want to hear..,” he scoffed. “Where’s the lesson learned in that?” Placing his hands back on Malfoy’s buttocks, Harry separated his arse cheeks - and this time, the blond couldn’t evade his touch.

Draco whimpered. Bloody Hell. Even when he tried to clench hard, Potter still managed to lodge something against his opening. Tightening his hands into fists, Draco forced his muscles to relax; otherwise, this would be far more painful than it need to be. Voluntarily unclenching his arse was the hardest thing Draco had ever done.

“There’s a good wizard,” Harry said when he felt Malfoy relax. Twisting the slicked toy at Malfoy’s opening, Harry nudged it in, keeping up the pressure.

Feeling something cold and slick push into entrance, Draco trembled. Merlin. That felt... uhh... “Potter... wait.”

“Shh... relax... This will all be over before you know it..,” Harry laughed. “I would suggest you don’t fight it... but then... where’s the fun in that.”

As the pressure increased, Draco felt his entrance expand and widen. The slight burning was not painful... but it was... uhh, Merlin. For a second there, Draco felt his heart and cock throb at the same time. Whatever Potter was using to penetrate him, it was big, hard and unrelenting.

Taking a quivering breath, Draco tried to focus on something else, anything but what Potter was doing. But it was impossible. Potter was expertly inserting something slowly and then retreating, a little bit deeper each time.

When the object finally popped in place, Draco hung his head in defeat – a plug. Bloody Hell. The Savior had turned out to be truly evil. The fullness, the hardness... Draco moaned as his body involuntarily clenched around the plug.

Tightening and releasing, tightening and releasing.

Draco must have done that a half-dozen times before he realized what a spectacle he must be making of himself. And all for nothing, since the cock ring wouldn’t allow him to climax. Bloody Hell, that evil, evil git.

“Potter, please…” Draco pleaded, willing to beg if that’s what it took to get off… no... uhh... get out... of here.

“Yes, Malfoy?” Harry asked, his raspy voice sending even more shivers down Draco’s spine.

Biting his bottom lip, Draco weighed his options. He knew what Potter was looking for – an admission of guilt, a promise to behave… surrender. Part of Draco’s brain was wondering how much he would need to give up in order to secure his release, while the other part just wanted the torture to end.

“I’m sorry I... was disloyal… to you.” Merlin, Draco hated that word. After six years of doing everything possible to irritate his rival, he’d finally been caught and punished for the one thing he hadn’t done. It bloody-well figured.

“Are you really sorry, Malfoy?” Harry taunted even as he nudged the plug right into Malfoy’s prostate. He’d noticed how sensitive the Slytherin was to anal stimulation.

“Uhh... Merlin, Potter. Don’t do that,” Draco hissed, moaning when he felt the jolt throughout his body. “I said I was sorry.”

“I just want to make sure you’re really sorry.”

“I am... I promise... I am so… sorry,” Draco whispered, painfully aroused.

“I can see that...” Harry ran his nails down the blond’s back and buttocks, massaging the two perfectly, rounded cheeks.

Draco wanted to jerk away from Potter’s touch, but he was tied into the bed frame too firmly, no wiggle room.



“Fine... fine. I swear I will keep my promises,” Draco bit out, feeling drops of sweat running down his chest and abdomen. “Please... let me go.”

“Are you sure, Malfoy?” Harry mocked. “Because I wouldn’t want you to promise something you don’t want to do.”

Draco could almost see that stupid smirk on Potter’s face. It was one thing to punish him for something he hadn’t done, but Potter was just playing with him now. If his cock wasn’t so hard and throbbing, he’d be throwing curses and hexes at Potter.

“No, Potter. I’m sure... I promise... to keep… my word,” Draco moaned as Harry fondled his nipples while he nudged the plug with his own erection.

“Okay, Malfoy,” Harry whispered. “I believe you.” Harry ran his hands down Malfoy’s chest, slowly circling a finger around Malfoy’s navel, paying close attention to his bellybutton. There was something so... right about Malfoy strapped to his bed and at his mercy.

Licking a line across Malfoy’s shoulders, Harry stopped when the other wizard tipped his head forward, exposing his nape. Mmm. His favorite spot. Leaning in, he bit the back of Malfoy’s neck gently, wringing sharp cries from the Slytherin. Licking and sucking, Harry kept up his assault. When thrusting his erection against Malfoy’s willing arse was no longer enough, Harry pulled back and took a deep breath. He felt like this little exercise was quickly spiraling out of control

Panicked at the sudden loss, Draco whipped his head back, searching for any sound. “Potter, where are you? Harry… talk to me.” Draco felt a rising panic at being left alone and all tied up. “Potter!”

Stepping back to the frightened man, Harry immediately removed the blindfold. “Shhh... I’m right here, Draco.” Harry grabbed Malfoy’s chin and angled it back towards him.

When Malfoy gazed at him with molten silver eyes, Harry found himself floundering for a minute. The spiky, wet lashes gave the Slytherin an aura of vulnerability that touched Harry’s heart. Gently, Harry kissed the red, swollen lips, drowning in the taste of Malfoy … Draco. Harry swept his tongue into his rival’s mouth, capturing every little moan and hiss.

When he stepped back, Harry panted as he rested his forehead on Malfoy’s shoulder. Merlin, this was not how it was supposed to end, with him moaning and dying to get his cock into Draco… Malfoy. When had this lesson for Draco become a lesson for him...

Trying to get himself under control, Harry released the strap around Malfoy’s waist.

“Potter, what are you doing?” Draco asked softly.

“Letting you go, Malfoy,” Harry sighed with a heavy heart. “I think we’re done here.” He needed to get the naked blond out of his room before he threw him down on the bed and fucked him senseless.

“No. Wait. I’m not… done…yet.” Draco looked down towards his cock pointedly.

Watching the blond’s expression, Harry couldn’t resist a little smile. Wondering if he was reading the signals correctly, he said tentatively, “I guess... you want me to do something about that.”

Reluctant to admit that he wanted to continue with Potter’s lesson, Draco nodded his head. “Yes... please.”

Suddenly feeling pleased about how the lesson had turned out, Harry asked, “Should I release you now... or do I finish... your punishment.”

Blushing furiously, Draco muttered, “I think... you should... finish... so that I don’t… forget.”

Taking off his own trousers and pants off, Harry tried to sound firm and stay in character. “Is that right? Well, let’s make sure you remember this... lesson.”

Slicking his own cock with a wandless Lubricus charm, Harry stepped in behind the blond and wrapped an arm across Malfoy… Draco’s chest. “Relax and push,” he said as he gently pulled the plug out of Draco’s arse.

“Ohhh, Merlin, Potter... wait a minute,” Draco panted, resting back against Potter’s muscled body. “Let me catch my breath.”

Petting Draco’s chest gently, Harry kissed the blond’s neck until Draco started fidgeting and rubbing his arse against Harry’s hard cock.

With one hand, he gently parted Draco’s buttocks and aligned his cock against the Slytherin’s entrance. “Are you ready, Draco?”

“Oh, yes... please, Pott- Harry,” Draco moaned, pushing his hips back.

Nudging firmly, Harry pushed his way passed the tight ring of muscles. Draco was loose enough from the plug that the intrusion would not hurt. “Are you okay?”

“No..,” he moaned. “Move. Now. Please.” Draco was down to single syllables.

Pushing in all the way, Harry lost himself in the heat and tightness of Draco. The blond’s body welcomed him into a throbbing paradise. Surrounded by Draco’s scent and passion, Harry closed his eyes and pounded into Draco, sliding in and out even as Draco moaned and screamed. Harry lost track of how many times he thrusted into Draco as his own pleasure went straight to his head.

Reaching down, Harry released the leather ring he’d placed on Draco. Immediately, Harry wrapped his hand around Draco’s exquisitely hot, hard erection, stroking firmly as Draco’s whole body convulsed and came into his hand.

When Draco clenched his arse around his cock, Harry felt everything fade to black. Harry couldn’t remember the last time he’d cum so hard or so long. Panting, Harry and Draco leaned against each other, desperately trying to breathe as heat and sweat poured off them.

Dizzy, Harry waved his hand and released Draco’s ankles from their binding.

Draco bent his legs and shifted his weight, trying to get the blood flowing again.

“Can I release your hands?” Harry asked softly, nuzzling the blond’s nape.

“Yes.” Draco opened and closed his hands to get some feeling back in his fingers.

Placing a supporting arm around Draco’s waist, Harry waved his hand and released one hand first and then the other.

Draco sagged against Harry, rolling his wrists and shoulders as best as he could.

Turning the blond around in his arms, Harry cupped Draco’s face and laid a gentle kiss on his lips. “Are you alright?” Harry asked, hugging the blond back when Draco wrapped his arms around him. Something had shifted in the course of the evening. Harry didn’t know what it was, but he found himself reluctant to let his rival go.

“Yeah. I’m starving… and tired,” Draco whispered into Potter’s neck. This was not the first time Draco had slept with another boy, but Harry had made him feel more in one evening than he had with all his previous lovers.

“Come on. Let’s get you in the shower, and then, I’ll get Dobby to bring us something to eat.”

“Yeah?” Draco was glad that Harry was not kicking him out of his room. He wouldn’t mind a repeat of Saint Potter’s love-making before the morning. Grinning wickedly, he asked, “Will you be bathing with me?”

“Yes,” Harry said softly, rubbing Draco’s neck comfortingly. “And if you’re lucky, I might even let you sleep tonight.”

Draco tried to sniff in a dignified manner, but ruined it with a soft smile. “I’d like that.”


The next morning, Draco tried to sneak into the room he shared with Blaise Zabini. Stripping quickly, he pushed back the covers and climbed into his bed.

Merlin, his body ached in several places, but he was pleasantly tired.

“How did it go?” Blasied asked with a yawn.

“It went fine,” Draco tried to sound calm but inside he was feeling too giddy to pull it off. He and Harry had spent the night making love and talking. They had even made plans for the next Hogsmeade weekend. All in all, Draco thought he was on the verge of something special with Harry.

“And?” Blaise prompted. He’d never known Draco to be so quiet after a date or sexual encounter.

“Just like you said, Blaise,” Draco elaborated, knowing his friend was looking for confirmation that his plan had worked. “Although, maybe we shouldn’t piss him off quite that much next time,” Draco laughed. Shifting in bed, he realized that his arse was still a bit sore. Smiling, he realized he’d be feeling Harry’s possession for a while. “Harry really missed his calling as a Dark Lord.”

“Yeah.” Blaise said, smiling. “Well, I’m glad you finally got Potter.”

“Thank you, Blaise,” Draco said sincerely. “When you suggested getting me and Harry together, I had no idea just how much I needed it… needed him.”

Blaise grinned in the darkness. Draco had no idea how much time and planning had gone into getting the two Hogwart Princes together. He’d have to thank Hermione in the morning for tipping him off about Potter’s orientation.

Turning in bed, he closed his eyes. Another successful plan!
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